Feeding Piano Analytics with “AS2 Tagging”


AS2 Tagging and Analytics Suite 2

AS2 Tagging was designed to fuel the Analytics Suite 2.

The SmartTag.js JavaScript SDK, and the Android and IOS mobile SDKs, have methods dedicated to sending “hits”, HTTP requests composed of parameters known and controlled by AT Internet, allowing to generate audience measurement data designed for our historical data model.


Piano Analytics

Piano Analytics is the logical progression to our Analytics Suite 2, a solution that has been continuously developed for over 20 years and endorsed by tens of thousands of customers. With its user-centric, ethical-by-design and value driven data model, Piano Analytics synthesises product & marketing analytics, while solving the serious data quality issues facing the industry.

An extensive, flexible and unified data model ensures you truly understand how users are interacting with your brand.

This solution can be fed in two ways.


Feeding Piano Analytics via AS2 Tagging

AS2 Tagging, originally designed to fuel Analytics Suite 2, is compatible with the new Piano Analytics data model.

The requests generated by the SDKs, the “hits”, are today transformed at AT Internet to feed the two solutions at your disposal.

You will be able to find all the standard properties offered by AT Internet by using this tagging.

In case you want to take advantage of some of the possibilities offered by the new Piano Analytics data model, and fill in custom properties on AS2 Tagging, methods have been made available to you.

These methods are offered as a transitional measure, to allow you to benefit from the advantages of Piano Analytics in the event that you are unable to migrate to Piano Analytics Tagging right away.

However, we strongly encourage you to migrate your existing tags to Piano Analytics Tagging.


Feeding the Piano Analytics via Piano Analytics Tagging

Piano Analytics Tagging was designed to fuel Piano Analytics, through a tagging not based on hits, but on Events.

By implementing it, you will have the flexibility and power to take advantage of the full potential of Piano Analytics solution.

All information about the advantages of Piano Analytics Tagging vs AS2 Tagging is available in the dedicated section.

If you don’t need to feed Analytics Suite 2 anymore, you can now take it in hand and implement it!

Piano Analytics tagging only powers Piano Analytics solution.
In case you implement it, the Analytics Suite 2 solution will no longer be powered.


Compatibility table

  Piano Analytics Tagging (Events)AS2 Tagging 
Powered solution(s) Piano Analytics

Piano Analytics

Analytics Suite 2

❗ By using the event tagging “Piano Analytics Tagging” only, the Analytics Suite 2 solution will no longer be fuelled ❗
Standard analysis
Custom analysis
 Piano Analytics Tagging is essential to send personalized events
Marketing campaignsV1 (xtor) 
V2 (at_medium)🟧AS2 Tagging expects predetermined values within the “at_medium”
Certifications (ACPM)  
Last update: 21/01/2022