Facebook Instant Articles (FIA)



Facebook Instant Articles (FIA) allow Facebook pages publishers to publish mobile optimised articles. AT Internet tagging must be included in a <figure class="op-tracker">, which must be included in the <body>.


Specific tagging

FIA pages tagging require the use of a configuration key:

medium: "fia"

Available since version 5.4.0

You need to initiliase the tracker with your website information and this extra configuration.

You can then use our standard tagging.

Example :

<figure class="op-tracker">
    <script type="text/javascript" src="//tag.aticdn.net/smarttag.js"></script>
    // Tracker initialisation
    var ATTag = new ATInternet.Tracker.Tag({
      log: "YOURLOG",
      logSSL: "YOURSSLLOG",
      site: YOURSITEID,
      domain: "YOURDOMAINLOG",
      medium: "fia"
    // Standard page tagging
      name: "FIA_page"



Last update: 08/12/2017