Getting started with Events



This tagging documentation only applies to Tracker from version 5.18.0.

If you can’t see the “Sales Insights” menu entry in Explorer, please get in touch with us so we get this activated for you.

Before beginning implementation of the Sales Insights plugin, please make sure you have initialised the AT Internet JavaScript Tracker and selected the plugin from within the Tag Composer interface.

If you are using Prestashop, we propose a plugin to ease the implementation in our marketplace.


Tagging methods

The JavaScript Ecommerce plugin makes it possible to measure actions related to products, shopping carts, and orders.

The Tracker has methods to send overall data (set + dispatch).

The “set” method allows a functional breakdown of the marking. The properties are grouped by categories (products, cart, etc.).


    "id": "1", 
    "variant": "1",
    "$": "laptop_A56",
    "brand": "ACER",
    "discount": 1,
    "pricetaxincluded": 549,
    "pricetaxfree": 456.2,
    "currency": "EUR",
    "stock": 1,
    "category1": "Computers_and_Networking",
    "category2": "Computers",
    "category3": "Laptops"
Last update: 16/04/2020