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Please read the Terms and Conditions before using this Reporting API.

If you want to run some prepared examples on demo data, you can open our collection with Postman:

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General information

Here’s the URL of the Reporting API v3: 

This Reporting API v3.0 is designed to query your analytics data. Here are some important information about some parameters:

  • columns: you can get up to 50 different items (properties + metrics) in this parameter,
  • max-results: you can return up to 10,000 rows per API call (200,000 rows maximum),
  • page-num: you can set up which page you want to retrieve. The max value for this parameter depends on max-results (200,000 rows maximum).
  • You can use up to 6 different segments in a request (including the segment used in metrics)

If you need to download, export, share more than 200,000 rows, please get in touch with our Support Centre as there are many different ways to get this done efficiently.

Last update: 29/03/2022