Debugger AT Internet

  • iOS
  • watchOS
  • tvOS


If you wish to check your tagging, a debugger is available in the SDK for consulting the hits and events generated.



tracker.enableDebugger = true
self.tracker.enableDebugger = YES;

The debugger will then appear in the form of the AT Internet logo at the bottom right of your display. You can move this logo to avoid hindering use of your application.


Using the debugger

Click on the AT Internet logo to make the events log appear:



The log enables you to see the different events sent or stored on the device. The icon at left determines whether the event was sent, stored, if an alert was triggered, or if an error occurred. The icon at right indicates the event category (screen tagging, gesture tagging, ad tagging…).

To see the details of the sent event, click on the displayed URL:



Viewing stored hits

If you have set up the SDK to store hits in case of loss of connection or in a permanent manner, the debugger will also allow you to view them. To do this, click the icon at the upper-left of the event log:


This window allows you to see the dates that hits were generated, as well as their URLs. The icon to the right indicates the hit category (screen tagging, gesture tagging, ad tagging…). The trash can icon at the right of the main top bar allows you to delete all stored hits.

To see the details of the stored hit, click on the displayed URL:


Last update: 01/12/2016