Follow updates


RSS Feeds

Our updates are listed in their dedicated pages, but you can stay up to date with their RSS feeds.


You can easily use them through an RSS reader system as shown in these tools:



  1. Create a dedicated channel in your Slack environment
  2. Add the RSS App
  3. Specify the URL of the feed you’re interested in
  4. Validate


  1. Get in Add content
  2. Add the URL of the feed you’re interested in
  3. Click on Follow

Updates in your mailbox with Zapier

  1. Make a new Zap
  2. Choose the RSS by Zapier trigger
  3. Trigger on each new item in the feed
  4. Paste the changelog RSS URL in the Feed URL field
  5. Add an Action/Search step
  6. Select the Email by Zapier

  7. Select Send Outbound Email

  8. Fill To field with your email address, Subject with the Step 1 Title field and the Body with the Step 1 Raw Encoded body