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Implementation methods

It is not always easy to know how to implement your audience measurement solution. We often hear a lot of terms, which are not always obvious.

Let's take a look at what these terms mean, and which implementation is right for you.


SDKs are interfaces to facilitate your implementation.

By loading a small library on your platform, and using dedicated and documented methods, you will be able to send powerful events.

In other words, it's about making the implementation of Piano Analytics as simple as possible, while keeping all the flexibility of the solution.

We offer four different SDKs that work on a variety of platforms:

JavascriptWebsites or Apps through browsers.
IOS (Swift)IOS native apps.
Android (Java)Android native apps.
Javascript (browserless)Any platform supporting JS.


  • Easier tagging
  • Manage and send native platform information
  • Developed and maintained by Piano


  • Defined number of compatible platforms

If you want to send your first events using our SDKs, please use the dedicated article.

Collection API

To be honest, when you use our SDKs you also use our collection API. SDKs are a way to translate simple tagging methods into API understandable events.

But sometimes, SDKs cannot be used because of the technology you work on. This is when the collection API reveals its full potential.

It allows you to build and send events using POST or GET HTTPs request from anywhere. You lead.


You have probably heard of server-side? It's the act of sending Analytics data from a server directly to our collection API. This allows you to get rid of browsers and their limitations (client-side collection).

This is exactly what our Collection API implementation enables you to do! (and some TMS integrations too, see below)


  • Higly customizable
  • Works everywhere


  • Events have to be built
  • No native information by default

If you want to send your first events using our Collection API, please use the dedicated article.

Tag Management Systems

A tag management system (TMS) makes it simple for users to implement, manage, and maintain tags on their digital properties with an easy to use web interface.

These TMS solutions can either provide a client-side or server-side tagging.



Releasing soon


  • Manage all your tags from one interface
  • Powerful common data layer
  • Features and technologies provided by the TMS vendor


  • Less control on your tagging

Which one should I use?


  • If you want to implement Piano Analytics easily.
  • If you want to do client-side tagging with our dedicated Javascript, IOS and Android SDKs.

Collection API

  • If you want to send a tons of data, from platforms that don't run SDKs.
  • If you want to do server-side tagging, without using our js browserless SDKs.

Tag Management Systems

  • If you already use a Tag Management System in your company.
  • If you want to benefits from features Tag Managements Systems provide.

Our documentation takes into account all implementation methods. So you will never be lost!