Error codes

Error CodeDescription
1Unknown error
1001Incorrect login or password
1002Your contract does not have access to the API. Please contact the Support centre for further information.
1003Only available to customers who had DataExplorer enabled during this period.
1004You do not have the required rights to access this site or this group. Please contact your account administrator.
1005You are not authorised to access this site.
1008You don’t have any access right to this API.
1017You have entered an incorrect email address or password 5 times. Please try again in 30 seconds.
1019Access refused: Your IP address is invalid.
1020A specific account option must be enabled to make this API call.
2001The URL contains an unknown parameter.
2025The “Space” parameter is incorrect.
2120The requested URL has not been set up in the DataFlow interface.
2121The API call is not recognised, or contains an analysis that no longer exists.
2202We’re unable to get the last minute of available data.
3003The data is not yet available. It is either currently being processed, or relates to a period too far in the past.
3009Your request was not able to be completed, for unknown reasons. Please try again later.
4008Resource not found.
4009Time out. The request cannot be processed.
4010The entered password is not in the correct format.
5007The maximum number of flows has been reached.
5008Service temporarily unavailable.
5016The requested connection does not exist.
5017Non-specified or erroneous parameter.
Last update: 19/09/2016