CDDC renew staging process



When renewing your CDDC certificate, we set up a test phase of the new certificate to ensure that it is working properly.

Here are a few suggestions for testing.

These are only examples of the tests we offer. Further tests may be required by your technical teams.


Function check


Recovering the necessary information

In order to perform this test procedure, you must know:

  • the address of your CDDC :
  • the IP of the temporary server:
    • You can retrieve it from the renewal interface of your CDDC
    • This IP can change, make sure you get the most recent one

Modification of hosts file

Edit your hosts file (more info), to add this line:

Certificate validation

Go to the URL of your CDDC, and check:

  • that the padlock on your browser confirms that the connection is secure
  • that the message “OK” is displayed on the loaded page

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Last update: 15/04/2019