Respecting data privacy



So that you can respect user privacy and be in accordance with the regulations in different countries, the tracker makes two features available:

  • Disabling user tracking
  • Hashing user IDs

Disabling user tracking

If your application offers a screen allowing the user to enable or disable statistical tracking, you can save this information via the static DoNotTrack method of the Tracker class.

Hits will nonetheless be sent. Only the idclient variable enabling use tracking will contain the value “opt-out”



  1. Disabling user tracking
    public void StopTracking() 
         Tracker.DoNotTrack = true;



Hashing user ID

The SDK allows for the automatic addition of user ID in your hits (Android ID, Advertising ID). You may also add your own user ID via the tracker’s SetParam method.

To ensure visitor anonymity, all while keeping their identification in your analyses, it is possible to hash the unique ID (SHA-256). To do this, use the tracker’s SetConfig method as follows:

public MainPage()
     tracker = SmartTag.Instance.defaultTracker;
     tracker.SetConfig("hashUserId", "true", this);

public void TrackerReady()
     System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("hashing enabled");


Last update: 29/10/2015