Identified visitors



Identified visitors are the visitors you’re able to recognise following authentication (sign up, subscription, sign in…). These visitors can be regrouped into categories to give you a greater overall view during your analyses.

A visitor can be identified with a numerical or textual ID.


Get off to a good start

Once your tag is initialised, you can add visitor identification information.

To use SDK class and methods, add ATInternet namespace to your Page.



The tracker possesses an IdentifiedVisitor object. This object offers a group of methods for enabling or disabling visitor identification. This type of tagging is persistent by default, meaning that even if the application is exited, the visitor identification data will be present in the hits, once the application is reopened. In “non persistent” mode, data will be automatically erased once the application is exited. It is also possible to manually delete identification data.


Tagging examples

  1. Tagging a screen with a numerical visitor ID
  2. Tagging a screen with a numerical ID and a category
  3. Tagging an ad with the addition of a textual visitor ID
  4. Tagging an ad with the addition of a textual ID and a category
  5. To disable visitor identification (e.g. when a user logs off)
  6. Disabling persistent mode
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Last update: 29/10/2015