To facilitate integration of your tag, the Tag Composer application allows you to configure and download our SDK.

These configuration variables are listed in the tracker’s defaultConfiguration.xml file.


Editing the configuration

At any moment, you may change your tag’s configuration.

When creating a tracker:


Via use of the tracker’s SetConfig method:

Please note, the setConfig method is an asynchronous method. To ensure that the configuration was successfully applied, a callback indicating that the configuration was successfully applied is available.

  1. Modification of a configuration key:

  2. Replacement of certain configuration keys:

    Only keys passed as parameters will be modified or added to the existing configuration


  3. Complete change of configuration:

    The existing keys will be deleted and replaced by the new keys passed as parameters



Since 1.2.0 version, it’s possible to use helpers and constants to simplify configuration management.

  1. Samples to use helpers

  2. Samples to use constants (all constants are available in TrackerConfigurationKeys class)

List of variables

Name Default value Description
log Sets the hit collect log
logSSL Sets the secure hit collect log
domain Sets the domain of the collect log
pixelPath Sets the path of the transparent pixel
site Sets the site ID
secure false Enables use of SSL mode
identifier deviceId Sets type of user ID (deviceId, guid)
storage never Sets mode of hit storage (required, never, always)
hashUserId false Enables hashing of user ID (sha256)
persistIdentifiedVisitor true Enables storage of identified user information (numerical or text)
campaignLifetime 30 Sets campaign lifetime (by default: 30 days)
campaignLastPersistence false Sets the mode of prior attribution (by default, subsequent actions will be attributed to the first campaign detected)
sessionBackgroundDuration 60 Sets the duration, in seconds, between two sessions after the app enters in background
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Last update: 09/06/2017