“space” parameter



The &space={s:#YourSiteID#} parameter allows you to get data relative to your site.

Example: to know the number of visits per page on your site:



Level 2 sites

The &space={l2s:{s:#YourSiteID#,l2:#YourLevel2SiteID#}} parameter allows you to get data relative to a level 2 site (sub-site) of your site.

Example: to know the visit sources of a sub-section of your site:

https://apirest.atinternet-solutions.com/data/v2/json/getData?&columns={d_source,m_visits}&sort={m_visits}&space={l2s:{s:#YourSiteID#,l2:#YourLevel2SiteID#}} &period={R:{D:'-1'}}&max-results=20



The &space={s:{XXXXXX,YYYYYY,ZZZZZZ}} parameter allows to you to get data relative to multiple level 1 sites at once.

Example: to know all visits generated on all my websites, mobile sites and applications in the same API call:


Please note that certain dimensions are not allowed on multi-site calls, e.g. site custom variables and any other dimensions that are site-related.
It is possible to call up to 100 sites at once.
Multi-site queries can’t be run in real time and can’t be segmented.

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Last update: 02/02/2018