SmartTag migration guide


Call to the JavaScript file

Before Previously, the JavaScript file (xtcore.js) had to be loaded after the tag.

SmartTag You now have to load the smarttag.js beforehand.


Preliminary declaration

SmartTag With SmartTag, it is necessary to instantiate the Tracker you will work wih. In order to do so, you need to add this ligne before your tagging:

Tracker initialisation >


Hits sending

Before When using xtcore.js, information was sent to our servers when the file was loaded.

SmartTag Now thanks to the smarttag.js, you choose when you want to send us the information. With the helpers .set and .add, hits will be sent at the next dispatch thanks to:

With the helpers .send, hits are sent when the helper is called.
Operating principle >


Define page information



Pages >


Click tag



Clicks >

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Last update: 14/01/2016