Dynamic labels



Before using dynamic labels methods, please make sure you have initialised the AT Internet JavaScript Tracker and selected the Page plugin from within the Tag Composer interface.



Dynamic labels allow you to track the history of a page whose content has been modified.

This tag, especially suited for media sites, allows tracking continuity to be maintained, even if the editorial content (mostly articles) changes.

The page can therefore be renamed to better correspond to the editorial content, without disrupting analysis continuity.



The Tracker has a dynamicLabel.set() method allowing you to define the values of dynamic names/labels. The method takes, as a parameter, an object whose properties are as follows:

Property Description
pageId Dynamic ID enabling the renaming of the page, without creating a new page
chapter(i) Name of the chapter corresponding to the new page label
update Date of the name change, to insert in the format YYYYMMDDHHMM

Tagging examples

    1. Tagging a page with dynamic labels:
    2. Tagging dynamic labels with the “page.send()” method:

      Tagging dynamic labels by way of the “page.send()” method requires directly passing the “dynamicLabel” object as a parameter:


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Last update: 08/12/2017