5.15.0 – 20/12/2018

New Ecommerce module addition




5.14.0 – 21/11/2018

New Added configuration parameter sendHitWhenOptedOut to control sending hits in OPT-OUT mode




5.13.4 – 25/10/2018

Fix Various optimizations

Fix Addition of default value for pixelPath configuration parameter


5.13.3 – 01/10/2018

Fix Optimizations related to the use of document.createEvent method

Fix Improvements in the OPT-OUT mode detection


5.13.2 – 20/09/2018

Fix JSON parsing improvements

Fix CustomEvent polyfill renamed to ATCustomEvent


5.13.1 – 18/09/2018

Fix Fix a potential XSS issue


5.13.0 – 13/09/2018

Change Configurations collectDomain and collectDomainSSL to replace log, logSSL and domain




5.12.1 – 28/08/2018

Fix Identified Visitor: visitor category also sent when retrieved from cookie, in case of textual id


5.12.0 – 27/07/2018

Fix Callback method called when the hit has been sent (methods send and dispatchRedirect)

Fix Offline: hit in progress stored in case of network disconnection during the sending

Change New idclient value in case of no consent (disableCookie = true): Consent-NO




5.11.2 – 25/06/2018

Fix ClientSideUserId: Prioritization of OPT-OUT mode on configuration


5.11.1 – 11/06/2018

Fix Offline : Fix on timeout management before hit sending


5.11.0 – 17/05/2018

Fix Rich Media : Better management of dynamic refresh

Fix Identified visitors : Fix on the method unset()

Fix Callback : Fix on the use of deprecated method initEvent()

Fix Offline : Better storage and stored hits sending management

New New methods to manage Opt-out (see “Respecting data privacy”)




5.10.1 – 23/01/2018

Fix Rich media: “previousMedia” property replaced (but preserved for legacy) by “linkedContent”


5.10.0 – 19/12/2017

Fix Fix for the olt parameter format

Change Use first-party cookie by default (ClientSideUserID mode to always)

Change Switch configuration ignoreEmptyChapterValue to true by default

Change plugin removed




5.9.0 – 12/10/2017

Change TV Tracking removed




5.8.0 – 18/09/2017

Fix Bugfix regarding cookie management

New New context parameter in order to override page referer

Change Idclient generation method change (alphanumeric UUID v4 instead of numeric UUID)




5.7.0 – 03/08/2017

Fix The case where no document.body exists is now taken into account

New Two new parameters available for helpers (OnSiteAds, Page, InternalSearch, Clicks) : event and callback




5.6.1 – 22/05/2017

Fix Better management of the referer with redirections


5.6.0 – 01/03/2017

Fix Bug fix in documentLevel management

New New refresh management possibility, giving a more flexible way to manage refresh duration depending on the playback duration

New New private configuration base64Storage allowing base64 encoded storage




5.5.0 – 16/12/2016

Change Rich Media label now split into mediaTheme (like chapters for page and clicks)

New New option allowing “secure” cookies

New New option to ignore empty chapters




5.4.0 – 10/10/2016

Fix TV Tracking: more accurate partner call timing

New TV Tracking: add configurable ‘timeout’

New Add ‘medium’ parameter




5.3.0 – 10/08/2016

Fix Click position in the internal search engine plugin

New Add callbacks feature

New Add weborama plugin




5.2.4 – 19/05/2016

Change TV Tracking partner call integrated into the plugin


5.2.3 – 21/01/2016

Change Triggers improvements


5.2.2 – 12/01/2016

Change Changing JSON serialization Tracker method for not treating the properties of objects whose value is undefined

Change Changing the use of the Tracker method jsonParse

Change Changing the table way mode in the helper identifiedVisitor.unset ()

Fix Patch on the secure protocol format (https:)


5.2.1 – 29/12/2015

New TV Tracking plugin update

Fix Better management of clicked links’ URL


5.2.0 – 03/12/2015

New Addition of the “Tags” feature in the Pages plugin

New Addition of the “Custom tree structure” feature in the Pages plugin

New Plugin Offline

New Marketing campaigns information is now sent in the page.send() method (in case of a first page hit)

New New dispatchRedirect() method allowing the redirection management with dispatch() method

New Management of redirection pages

Change Modification of the Client-side user id plugin, with a new configuration allowing the usage of first-party cookie for browsers refusing third-party cookies

Fix Numerical values can now be used in Internal search engine plugin

Fix Fix of a bug when the page referer is too long




5.1.0 – 15/09/2015

New TVTracking : sub-object info added

New Internal search plugin

New Dynamic labels plugin

New Rich Media plugin

New plugin

New MV Testing plugin

New Viewed products measurement

Change New way to declare products’ categories (one property per category instead of one property with the full category structure ; previous tagging is still working)




5.0.2 – 25/08/2015

Fix Campaigns: better backward compatibility

Fix TVTracking: patch on data spots stored and sent during the session


5.0.1 – 19/08/2015

Fix Management of special characters in the referrer

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