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AT Internet aims to highlight the collaborative work being done on Open Source platforms, such as GitHub, and therefore offers certain resources to help you with tagging. This article therefore lists these resources, as well as resources put forth by other users, which could be useful in measuring information.

No support will be provided for the non-official resources highlighted here.


Official resources

Ressource Link
Youtube AT Marketplace Github
Brightcove AT Marketplace Github
Performance AT Marketplace Github
Adjust AT Marketplace
JW Player AT Marketplace Github
Viewability AT Marketplace Github

Community resources

You also have a resource to share? Just edit the list directly on Github!

Ressource Author Link
Client-side visit counter BenDz Github
Unique user id BenDz Github
Useful JavaScript elements dedicated to the AT Internet solutions nclsmitchell Github
AT Internet tracking js library wrapper for AngularJS bnjjj Github
Decibel Insight - AT Marketplace
iAdvize - AT Marketplace
Outbrain frieupet AT Marketplace Github
VWO - AT Marketplace
Funnel Creator with Python - AT Marketplace
Google Sheets integration BenDz AT Marketplace Github
Adblock detector QuentinMoncharmont AT Marketplace Github
Angular ovh-ux AT Marketplace Github
GTM AutoTagging alexandrecazaurang AT Marketplace Github
Scroll Tracker frieupet AT Marketplace Github
VueJS Seb-L AT Marketplace Github
Wordpress - AT Marketplace Wordpress

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Last update: 08/12/2017