Intranet (closed)



Before beginning implementation of the Intranet (closed) tag, please make sure you have selected the Client-side user ID plugin and set the mode to “always” in the Tag Composer interface:




When tagging a closed intranet (no external logins), data cannot be directly transmitted to our collection servers. It will therefore be necessary to use a local collection server in order to retrieve the data, which will later be imported into our system.

You can find more information about this principle and how to implement it here.


Tracker initialisation

After setting up a buffer server, you will have a collection address that takes the following format:

It can be broken down into three parts:

  1. myxiti: collection subdomain
  2. collection domain
  3. /spacer.gif: collection pixel

These three elements are necessary in order to correctly initialise the tracker:

var config = {
  log: 'myxiti',
  domain: '',
  pixelPath: '/spacer.gif'
var tag = new ATInternet.Tracker.Tag(config);

For all that follows, the tagging remains similar to that of a regular website.


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Last update: 26/09/2018