Release notes


Coming soon

Soon Drill down in PDF exports

Soon Calendar optimisations

Soon Better level 2 management



New Data can be segmented up to a whole year

New User onboarding

New Tooltip on site DDL showing the name of all sites selected in the case of multi-site selection

New Tooltip on calendar DDL showing the whole period if truncated

New AS2 tool switch

Change Following customer feedback, the order of elements of the menu has been revised

Change Number of items that show up by default in graphs has been optimised

Change Behaviour of the table tooltip has been largely improved

Change Overall traffic KPIs “blank box” now shows a metric by default



New New drill down analyses

New “Year over year” comparison

Change Comparisons are now activated by default



New Export an analysis in a PDF



New New languages: French, Spanish & German



New Real time

New Segmentation

New Gauges in tables

New Site custom variables analysis

Change Improved definitions of dimensions & metrics

Change Display of user’s avatar

Change Various UX improvements



New Send an analysis to a dashboard

New New “overview” screen in Explorer, to match the User Insights overview

New Comparison on line charts (only on the “Overview” analyses)

New Average & trends on line charts

New New analyses in the “Content” menu:

  • Content > sequences of pages > funnels
  • Content > Clicks > Types
  • Content > Clicks > Chapters
  • Content > On-site-ads > Publisher campaigns
  • Content > On-site-ads > Self-promotion campaigns
  • Content > Internal search engines > Searches
  • Content > Internal search engines > Keywords
  • Content > Rich Media > Types
  • Content > Rich Media > Contents
  • Content > Rich Media > Themes
  • Content > Rich Media > Actions
  • Content > MV Testing > Tests

Change Hide “site” and “level 2” dimensions when useless in tables

Change Various display improvements



New New analyses: “Entry chapters” and “Exit chapters” in Content > Sequences of pages

Change Small display improvements in the header



New Open an analysis in Data Query



New New analyses: “Cookies” and “JS” in the “Technology > Browsers” menu

Change Default period is now the “Yesterday” shortcut instead of “custom date” with the date of the previous day

Change Tables: the footer now displays “Total (all items)” instead of the number of elements displayed – which was confusing

Change Tables: the tooltip in headers now displays both the name of the element (metric or dimension) and its definition.

Fix Metrics drop-down list must have at least one metric checked

Fix Viz: the values displayed on the axes have been improved



New New analyses:


Geolocation > Continents
Geolocation > Regions
Geolocation > Languages
Identified visitors > Categories


Pages > Chapters
Sequences of pages > Exit pages
Clicks > Chapters

Traffic sources

All traffic sources > Campaigns / organic
Organic sources > Direct traffic
Organic sources > Webmail
Organic sources > Custom
Sponsored links (new!) > Campaigns
Partners (new!) > Campaigns
RSS feeds (new!) > Campaigns


Devices > Brands

New Drill down on the following analyses:


Overall traffic > Sites
Overall traffic > Level 2 sites
Geolocation > Countries
Geolocation > Continents


Clicks > Chapters


Organic sources > Referrer sites
Organic sources > Custom
Email > Campaigns
Display > Campaigns
Sponsored links > Campaigns
Partners > Campaigns


Devices > Device type
Devices > Brands
Browsers > Browser families

New Link to support centre




Fix Users who have access to less than 50 sites can now use the “Select all” checkbox at the top of the site drop-down list

Change The Data Query link in the App switcher now opens the designer directly



New Added an option on the bar chart to switch in horizontal mode

New User insights: Retention analysis added in the “Overall traffic” menu

New User insights: Added an option on the sequences chart to see converted sequences

Change User insights: New placement of the visitor selection scope in the top bar

Change Various small cosmetic changes




New Explorer Alpha release

New User insights Beta release

Last update: 06/11/2017