List the campaign types


How to list the campaigns

In the Analytics Suite, many traffic sources types can be used:

  • Email campaigns;
  • SEM campaigns;
  • Banners, etc.

All the campaign types use different unique identifiers that you can retrieve by querying the following URL:

Please refer to this note if you’re using SSO to login to AT Internet services.

Here’s the response format:

"Type": 7,
"Code": "SEC",
}, {
"Type": 22,
"Code": "AL",
}, {
"Type": 31,
"Code": "EREC",
}, {
"Type": 32,
"Code": "EPR",
}, {
"Type": 33,
"Code": "ES",
}, {...}

API Call Content

Here are the parameters definition:

  • Type: unique identifier of the campaign type;
  • Code: unique prefix label of the campaign type. This is the one you’re using when tagging the campaigns : xtor=EREC-123
  • 2 other parameters are provided (Label & ShortLabel) but you can ignore them.

User Access

All users with standard access are able to use this service. Users with custom access aren’t allowed.

Last update: 22/01/2019