Add a new campaign


Campaign Creation

You can manually create a campaign within the Analytics Suite in order to retrieve the tracking ID.

You also have the capacity to use the Rest API to automatically create your tracking ID.

When querying the following URL…

Please refer to this note if you’re using SSO to login to AT Internet services.

…you can pass more information within the call body to specify your campaign information:

"Id": 13,
"Label": "My Campaign Name",
"SiteId": 123456,
"SourceId": 31,
"StartDate": "2017-03-29T13:27:24.171Z",
"EndDate": "2017-05-01T13:27:24.171Z"

API Call Content

Here are the expected parameters:

  • Id: Campaign ID you need to create. This parameter is mandatory and its value shouldn’t be already in use. That why you need to verify the free campaign IDs thanks to this method;
  • Label: Campaign Name;
  • SiteId: unique identifier of the site you need the campaign to be associated with;
  • SourceId: Campaign Type. You can refer to this method to get the corresponding IDs;
  • StartDate: Start date of the campaign, this date can be in the future if needed. The required format is based on the ISO 8601 format.
  • EndDate: End date of the campaing, you can leave this empty. The required format is based on the ISO 8601 format.

You should be able to start collecting data for this campaign within an hour.


User Access

Administrators and Power Users are the only ones able to create a campaign. Standard users or users with custom access aren’t allowed.

Last update: 22/01/2019