Changelog Swift






2.12.1 – 07/01/2019

Change Renaming MVTesting


2.12.0 – 21/12/2018

New Ecommerce module addition

New New configuration keys autoSalesTracker and collectDomain for the Ecommerce module

New MVTesting module addition

New New method to recover crash information getCrashInformation()




2.11.3 – 12/12/2018

New Allowing hits to be sent or not depending on application state via configuration key sendOnApplicationState

Change Configuration key sendOnlyWhenAppActive is now deprecated


2.11.2 – 30/10/2018

Change Allowing level 2 value to be “invalid” (0)

Fix Allowing order data to be sent independently


2.11.1 – 25/10/2018

Fix Various fixes

New New method to retrieve lifecycle metrics


2.11.0 – 26/09/2018

Change RichMedia enhancements




2.10.0 – 17/09/2018

New Swift 4.2 compatibility




2.9.8 – 04/09/2018

Fix Version number fix


2.9.7 – 29/08/2018

New Ability to prevent hits from sending when app is not active, via configuration key sendOnlyWhenAppActive


2.9.6 – 26/07/2018

Fix Rich media: fixed prich and s2rich on external content

Change Rich Media: properties chapter renamed to mediaTheme


2.9.5 – 18/07/2018

Fix Rich media: fixed a double play hit sending

Change Privacy: method doNotTrack renamed to optOut


2.9.4 – 03/07/2018

Fix Rich Media: webdomain encoded

Fix Rich Media: screenName added

Fix Removed file BridgeTest.h in the subspec Tracker and SmartTracker


2.9.3 – 15/06/2018

New GDPR: Offline hits database location can be set

Change GDPR: Opt-Out management in ATInternet class

Fix Fix podspec


2.9.2 – 29/05/2018

Fix Various optimizations


2.9.1 – 29/05/2018

Fix Fix podspec


2.9.0 – 29/05/2018

New RichMedia: Dynamic refresh addition

Change GDPR: Opt-Out improvement




2.8.7 – 21/02/2018

Fix Various optimizations


2.8.6 – 10/01/2018

Fix Fix warnings


2.8.5 – 08/01/2018

Fix Fix variables orders when specified and ref=


2.8.4 – 20/12/2017

Fix Fix podspec


2.8.3 – 16/11/2017

New New parameters: manufacturer et model


2.8.2 – 25/10/2017

Fix Fix for enableDebugger/enableLivetagging accessing UIWindow


2.8.1 – 16/10/2017

Fix Fix for the CommonCrypto dependency


2.8.0 – 11/10/2017

Change TV Tracking removed




2.7.0 – 28/09/2017

New Migration to Swift 4




2.6.0 – 04/07/2017

New SmartSDK release

Fix Various bugfixes




2.5.7 – 03/05/2017

Fix Fix multihit identifier

Fix Some Objective-C methods had blank params : we fixed this problem by adding the correct names

Change Add synchronous flags for setConfig and setConfig helpers (e.g.: setSiteId)

Change The query string builder has been optimized

Change Some methods will stop throw warnings if result is not used


2.5.6 – 27/02/2017

Fix Bug with set token twice

Fix JSON -> ATJSON conversion to prevent conflicts with SwiftyJSON usages

Change Property InternalSearch in Gesture


2.5.5 – 22/12/2016

Fix Hit from auto-tracking identification


2.5.4 – 20/12/2016

Fix Fix SmartSDK swizzling bug


2.5.3 – 13/12/2016

Fix Fix xCode 8.1 compilation crash


2.5.2 – 08/12/2016

New IDFA as user identifier


2.5.0 – 20/10/2016

New SmartSDK

Fix Various bug fixes

Change New AutoTracker class which sends screens and clicks hits automatically

Change Objective-C compatibility added

Change CustomObjects class properties, initialization and deletion methods added

Change customObjects property has been added to classes Product, Gesture, SelfPromotion and Publisher

Change Int? type variables are now Int with a default value to 0

Change Bool? type variables are now Bool with a default value to false

Change Action enum of the Product class has been renamed to ProductAction

Change Action enum of the RichMedia class has been renamed to RichMediaAction

Change Action enum of the Screen class has been renamed to ScreenAction

Change HitStatus enum went from String to Int (ObjC compatibility)

Change New classes PublisherImpression and SelfPromotionImpression which can only be linked to Screen object

Change Properties customObjects, customVars, aisle, customTreeStructure, publishers, selfPromotions, location, campaign, internalSearch, order, cart added to the Screen class

Change Tracker delegate methods are now optional




2.3.0 – 15/09/2016

New iOS 10 support




2.2.5 – 09/09/2016

Fix Debugger fix


2.2.4 – 18/08/2016

Change Improved lifecycle variables management

Fix Fixed a problem on the visited aisles


2.2.3 – 06/07/2016

Fix Bug with arabic language fixed

Fix Delegate switched to weak var


2.2.2 – 31/05/2016

New IPV6 compliant

Fix CoreData fix


2.2.1 – 03/05/2016

New Parameter ref= is now correctly managed in case of advanced tagging

New iOS 9.3 compatibility

Change Dynamic label id type changed (int -> string)

Change CoreData improvement


2.2.0 – 21/03/2016

New Availability of helpers and configuration keys

Change Best definition of lifecycle application variables

Change Delete default values for the log, log SSL and website




2.1.0 – 06/01/2016

New Session Management

Fix Better encoding of the hit parameters (ati, atc, pdtl)




2.0.8 – 16/11/2015

New TVTracking: Adding the configuration parameter for the spot period validity

New Identification of the SDK download source

Fix Fixed compatibility issues with Xcode 7.1 and bitcode management


2.0.7 – 12/10/2015

Change Adding all lifecycle variables to every hits

Fix Fixed a bitcode management problem that could bring up warnings when creating the archive application

Fix Fixed a migration problem of lifecycle variables when the system calendar is not in Gregorian mode


2.0.6 – 15/09/2015

New Bitcode support (iOS9)


2.0.5 – 08/09/2015

Change Changing the type of the variable turnover in the order helper (double instead of int)

Change Removing the IDFA user id type (Apple submission problem)


2.0.4 – 04/09/2015

Fix Better encoding of the car hit parameter

Change Changing the type of the parameter idCart (string instead of a number)


2.0.3 – 31/08/2015

Fix Better encoding of pclick and prich parameters


2.0.2 – 19/08/2015

New TVTracking : sub-object info added

Fix Better encoding of the hit parameters

Change Deletion of the parameter roimt[i] (obsolete)

Change Richmedia : parameters m5 and s2 added to every hits


2.0.1 – 06/08/2015

Fix Application lifecycle backward compatibility

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