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AT Internet’s SDK allows you to tag your product “aisles” or sections.

This is a navigation analysis specific to eCommerce applications enabling you to categorise the different screens proposing your products (latest collection, sales items, etc.). The objective is to have a panoramic view of the aisles your users visit. We consider visited aisles as areas of your site users have visited. It is therefore possible to have aisles like “Today’s deals”, “Sales”, “New reductions”, “New products”, etc. that contain the same product, depending on how that product is classified (its “category”).


Get off to a good start

Once your tag is initialised, you can add information about visited aisles to your screen hit.

If you want to use variables, be sure to import ATInternet, Tracker, Screen and Aisle classes in your Activity.



The Screen object makes an Aisle method available. This method takes one parameter :

  • level1 of type String indicates the first aisle level

Tagging examples

  1. Screen tagging with one level of aisles
  2. Screen tagging with several levels of aisles

Aisle class



Name Type Default value Description
level1 String null Gets or sets the first level of aisles
level2 String null Gets or sets the second level of aisles
level3 String null Gets or sets the third level of aisles
level4 String null Gets or sets the fourth level of aisles
level5 String null Gets or sets the fifth level of aisles
level6 String null Gets or sets the sixth level of aisles
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Last update: 05/04/2018